Indus Capital Partners, LLC (with its affiliates, “Indus”) is an employee-owned international alternative investment management firm, offering long/short and long-only equity strategies investing primarily in the Asia Pacific region including Japan, and in emerging markets.

The firm was founded in 2000 by former Soros Fund Management partners who had worked together since 1995 and possess on average over 20 years’ investment experience in the Asia Pacific region. In the aggregate Indus manages approximately US$6.7 billion for a diverse client base of over 300 investors, including foundations and university endowments, corporate and public pensions, high net worth individuals, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and financial institutions. Indus currently offers the following investment strategies: Indus Asia Pacific Fund, Indus Japan Fund, Indus Pacific Opportunities Fund, Indus Omni Fund, Indus Select Fund, Indus Japan Long Only Fund, and Indus Emerging Markets Strategies.


Indus is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco and Stamford. The firm currently has over 90 employees, over a third of whom are investment and trading professionals. A geographical spread of investment professionals, both within and outside the markets in which Indus invests, facilitates intensive research and engenders a dispassionate approach to investment.


Indus aims to deliver high risk-adjusted annual returns throughout the investment cycle, capturing most of the upside in strong markets and preserving capital in difficult markets. Indus believes that stock picking based on rigorous fundamental analysis helps to generate positive returns over time. The investment team applies intensive analysis and research to exploit the inherent inefficiency of the markets in which it operates. Indus seeks to identify mispriced investment opportunities, and select uncorrelated and liquid investments that are chosen for their potential to generate alpha. Portfolio construction strategies endeavor to dampen the impact of market volatility. Risk management is an integral part of the firm’s investment philosophy, and involves both systems and culture.


Indus Capital Partners LLC is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the U.S. and the Central Bank of Ireland - Financial Institutions and Funds Authorization. Overseas affiliates are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the U.K., the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong, the Central Bank of Ireland - Financial Institutions and Funds Authorization, and the Financial Services Agency in Japan.